about us

The team at Grox Industries is comprised of innovative professionals with a passion for disrupting consolidated markets and providing new-age material solutions for a rapidly changing global economy.

Andrew miles

chief executive officer

After five years in the transportation industry and six years in the US Army, Andrew went back to the University of Arkansas for his MBA. It was here that he met Stonie, Witness, and Ting and the company was born. Andrew is passionate about energy sustainability and innovative solutions to complex problems. He brings a wealth of business development experience to the Grox team, and is passionate about growing the nano-materials ecosystem in Northwest Arkansas.


chief oPERATING officer

Like Andrew, Stonie went back to the University of Arkansas for his MBA. Stonie is a professional engineer, having spent the last seven years as a project engineer in various R&D capacities within the steel and logistics industries. A native of Ft. Smith, Arkansas, Stonie is a major proponent for the revitalization of the River Valley's high-tech entrepreneur community.

Qiuting (Ting) Zheng

chief Financial officer

Ting was a foreign exchange student in Northwest Arkansas in high school and fell in love with the area. After finishing her secondary studies she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Arkansas in 2017. Ting is an advocate for the growth of women in accounting, having published a thesis on the roles of women discrimination in the industry. She brings an analytical focus and expert financial eye to Grox's founding team.

WItness Martin


Before coming to the United States to pursue a graduate degree in electrical engineering, Witness spent three years energy auditing for a Namibian mining operation. It was his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for growing the graphene industry that brought the Grox team together. After finishing his MSc in Electrical Engineering in 2017, Witness refocused his academic career to better align with Grox's technology. He is currently conducting research in novel graphene applications in his MicroEP doctoral studies.

Jess ray

VP - Product Development

Originally a physicist, Jess refocused his career in microelectronics and photonics with extensive research in bio-nanomaterial synthesis. He joined Grox in 2018 as VP of Product Development, where he is at the fore of ensuring Helios and its variants meet environmental and exceed sustainability industry standards.